Catholics And Cremation

Can Catholics be cremated?


The Catholic Church allows cremation with the following stipulations.

  • The cremated remains are treated with the same respect as the human body from which they come.
  • The cremated remains must be buried or entombed in a cemetery or mausoleum that guarantees perpetual care.
  • The cremated remains must be buried as a unit, in an urn or cremation casket. Designer keepsake urns, including jewelry, are not acceptable in Catholic funeral practices.
  • The cremated remains may not be scattered or kept in the home of a relative or family member.
  • It is the Church’s preference that the cremation take place after the funeral Mass with the body present whenever possible.

MSGR. Michael Heintz Letter on cremation

When a loved one dies, there are numerous details and options which face the family members responsible for making funeral arrangements. Until rather recently, cremation was not an option considered by Roman Catholics. Most Catholics have a visceral, if often inarticulate, antipathy toward the practice of cremation…

Cremation Options

The Catholic Cemeteries offer the following options for those choosing cremation.


An above ground burial crypt, sized for an urn containing the cremated remains of the body and allowing for identification and remembrance.

Burial Spaces:

Smaller sized burial spaces that allow for a burial space marker to be placed identifying and remembering the deceased.


All life is sacred and the remains of fetuses and stillborns of Catholic parents should be given a reverent Christian burial. A no-cost burial service is available for fetuses and stillborns, if desired.