Give your family peace of mind with a preplanned Catholic funeral and burial.

When a loved one dies, it can shatter the world of those left behind. In addition to grief and sadness, they take on the stress of tending to necessary matters and the financial burden of a funeral service and burial, if prearrangements have not been made.

Ease the burden on your loved ones.

To relieve your family’s emotional stress and financial burden when a death occurs, consider a preplanned Catholic funeral or burial. A little planning now can save your loved ones a lot of hardship later. In addition to detailing your wishes and providing all the important information, a preplanned funeral ensures the sacred Catholic funeral rites supported by your faith community. It can also reduce the cost to your family at the time of your death.

Blessings of a preplanned Catholic funeral:

  • Ensures sacred Catholic funeral rites
  • Provides comfort to your loved ones
  • Handles all the details and paperwork
  • Reserves the ceremony and memorialization you want
  • Relieves financial burden to your family
  • Guarantees current prices and avoids inflation
  • Protects your investment
  • Provides peace of mind

When a loved one dies, we take care of:

  • Contacting the priest, doctor or coroner
  • Processing and filing death certificate
  • Notifying family, friends, employer and others
  • Transporting loved one into our care
  • Contacting the Church
  • Processing insurance
  • Preparing and submitting an obituary
  • Arranging for funeral and burial or entombment
  • Scheduling the wake, funeral Mass and committal


Lock in to today’s prices. You may select from one of two options to fund your pre-arrangements. Either make the payment in full or take advantage of liberal financing terms offered directly through us. Either way, the majority of the money for the funeral portion will be placed into a state-regulated trust fund, which is invested and grows over time. Your trust is regulated by the state of Indiana, providing you with the safest possible funding option. Even if the trust does not grow enough to meet the financial requirements at your time of need, Catholic Cemetery fulfills the contract at no additional cost to your survivors.

Through pre-planning, you will have the power to control the cost of a funeral and cemetery arrangements and remove this burden from your loved ones. By selecting merchandise during the pre-planning process, you will ensure that you do not exceed what you want to pay. Pre-payment also offsets the risk of rising funeral costs in the future due to inflation.


Some families choose to donate their bodies or parts of bodies for medical research or to various types of “organ banks”. This is an appropriate action but should be arranged for in advance. Upon eventual disposition of the body or its parts an appropriate burial should take place in keeping with the traditions of the Catholic Church.


Find Peace of Mind Today! Ready to start the pre-planning process? Click on the Online PrePlanning Tool button below or give us a call to schedule a convenient time to meet where we will record your wishes. You will have an opportunity to choose everything you want for your arrangements: the type of cemetery options, funeral service, burial vault, music, and flowers, and so on. We will record all of this important information for you. Once your selections are complete, we will tailor a method of payment that will meet your specific needs.